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The Libyan Women’s Platform for Peace (LWPP) was launched in October 2011 by over thirty-five women from different cities and backgrounds to ensure that women remain a vital part of post-Gaddafi Libya, with a particular emphasis on inclusive transitions, women’s rights, youth leadership, advancement and security as related to women’s political and economic participation, constitutional reform, and…

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Population: 5,500,000 GDP Per Capita (PPP): ,570 Economy: Mixed statist Ranking on UN HDI: 58 out of 177 Polity: Dictatorship Literacy: Male 91.8% / Female 70.7% Percent Women Economically Active: 25.6% Date of Women's Suffrage: 1964 Women's Fertility Rate: 3.7 Percent Urban/Rural: Urban 86% / Rural 14% Nondiscrimination and Access to Justice: 2.3 Autonomy, Security, and Freedom of the Person: 2.1 Economic Rights and Equal Opportunity: 2.3 Political Rights and Civic Voice: 1.2 Social and Cultural Rights: 1.8 (Scale of 1 to 5: 1 represents the lowest and 5 the highest level of freedom women have to exercise their rights) Libya gained independence in 1951 and was ruled by King Idris until Colonel Muammar al-Qadhafi took power in a bloodless coup in September 1969. In the 1970s, Qadhafi developed what he termed the Jamahiriyah (State of the Masses), which was based on his political, economic, and sociological ideas as laid out in his famous Green Book.

However, public sector wages have been more or less frozen since the early 1980s and most people have had to take on two jobs in order to survive.

Libyan women take part in a celebration marking the sixth anniversary of the Libyan revolution, which toppled strongman Muammar el-Qaddafi, at the Martyrs' Square in the capital Tripoli, on February 17.

We are also active in advocating against gender based violence (GBV).Military officials in the eastern city of al-Baida imposed the ban on Thursday, starting with the city’s Labraq international airport, the BBC reported.It is to be enforced on all women traveling alone via land, air and sea, and will also affect those transiting through the east of the country.He was appointed by army chief Khalifa Hifter who is allied with the internationally recognized parliament.Airport authorities said the decision hasn't been put into effect.

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