Dating a neighbor

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I've started seeing my neighbour (we'll call her Betty) for the passed month (I'm 28 and she's 25).

We became friends before we started liking each other and about a month ago I made the move and the kiss was well received.

We would hang out and chat late into the night, or she would need help doing things around the house occasionally. There was always an underlying sexual tension, though, until one day when we decided to act on it.

I made that crumpled up face we do with pouted lips and a furrowed brow, half closing one eye while deep in thought, slowly nodding my head up and down and saying “hmm…” I figured it was her boyfriend, but I found out later it was her brother. I made it a point to introduce myself, and we became friends.

Earlier this year, another woman moved in, this newcomer in my age range (the first neighbor was several years younger). ) She's retired from her job and home all day; I'm 3 years away from retiring. But I'm not sure if I like her from an intimate standpoint.

He got all butt-hurt when I told him no, and that's the last I've seen of him. I know this topic has probably been mentioned before, but I'm gonna chime in my story...I know I've seen all the properties around me turn over once or twice in the last 2 years...but I know I will probably want to live where I am for a while yet. Does it matter if you are both owners of the property or in long term leases there? Might be something great..if its not during the break up just keep in mind ya still have to live near each other so lets make this no doing anything nasty to his car Go for it though..then start a thread with all the juicy details Living vicariously Lorimac I tried that once, it was all good till her husband came home, luckily from the window i made the jump onto the roof of my house and snuck in my attic NOTHmm i guess the biggest thing if you where going to persue it in some way, would be to take it very casual, (maybe more so than normal) because like said, you don't want bad feeling's or make it akward if it goes bad!(if you keep it casual, you might find out something, and not have to go down a road of akwardness! I am usually a risk taker but if things get a little more serious you need to discuss what will happen *if* you should break it off.

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