Dating aggression

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ANN ARBOR—We've seen the headlines about young people being bullied by boyfriends or girlfriends through digital means such as the Internet and smartphones.Now, University of Michigan research finds that technology-delivered dating aggression is associated with the environment in which some youth are growing up, and with the likelihood that these behaviors will lead to physical dating violence.

Además, los participantes fueron evaluados en sexismo ambivalente, tácticas de resolución de conflictos, apego adulto, victimización percibida y en la vivencia objetiva de violencia de pareja.This means that from very early on boys get messages on what it means to be a boy.To illustrate how pervasive the “gendering” process is, we can take a look at how toys are marketed differently for boys and girls."We found that technology-delivered dating aggression, or TDA, was prevalent among high-risk urban youth, and that it was highly associated with neighborhood violence exposure—for example, hearing gunshots, seeing drug deals, seeing someone get shot or stabbed.It was also very strongly related to physical dating violence," said lead researcher Quyen Epstein-Ngo, a research assistant professor at the U-M Institute for Research on Women and Gender and a fellow with the U-M Injury Center.

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