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Related: 7 Foods You Should Never Eat on a Date If you’ve ever weighed the merits of moisturising your skin, wear a pair of leather shoes for a few months without conditioning them and see what happens.

Over time, cracks, deep crevices, and a general wear will age even that tough and tanned cowhide.

A 47-year-old woman who resides in the Knightsbridge Gate subdivision along Novi’s western border told police April 17 that a man she met on an online dating website last year took 2,100 of her money and gave her a wrong number. He also claimed he was injured in a construction accident and needed money to fix some equipment. The victim said he provided his information to her and she never saw him physically, but spoke with him online and on the phone.

The woman said she met the suspect, named Ricardo on and was told he was living in Ohio. She said she realized something was amiss after calling him April 17 and hearing a voicemail recording of a different person.

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But before long, Paddy realises that they aren’t a match at all and Lydia’s over keen nature is putting him off.

The bare bones of your grooming routine should comprise of these 5 things, so check the list and ensure that you’ve got everything you need to look your best.

A razor should be the staple of every man’s bathroom.

Rhona is forced to come to Paddy’s rescue and pretend to be his wife which results in Lydia slapping him.

Paddy is grateful and Rhona is relieved when Pierce Harris seems okay with her pretence to be married to Paddy.

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