Good christian books for dating couples to read

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" As a couple, you will learn how to view your marriage as a spiritual discipline for getting to know God better, trust him more fully, and love him more deeply.

Discover how to enrich your marriage by allowing God to develop Christlike characters, such as forgiveness, love, respect, and perseverance in each of you.

Students often ask me and my husband, Shawn, to walk them through premarital counseling or mentoring as part of a program offered at our university. Not all of the couples are engaged; some are merely contemplating marriage.

As my church has been going through 1 Corinthians, we’ve talked a lot about marriage and singleness.

With time-tested biblical wisdom and down-to-earth applications, this book teaches Christian men how to discover their wives' secret desires and win her heart. Emerson Eggerichs helps couples have a happier, more fulfilling marriage by learning the different communication styles of men and women.

Walk into a Christian bookstore and you will be greeted with shelves and shelves of faith-based novels and Bible teaching books. They are ones you should definitely keep in your book collection at home.

Incredibly, Authors Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker with Mike Yorkey present every man's guide to learning and fulfilling what every wife desires most.No, I need to live and serve with my eyes on the happiness that awaits in heaven. Think of a time you felt like the only one who didn’t fit in. SEE ALSO: Make Your Single Years Significant Welcome to the life of Christian singles in the South.Entire libraries could be filled with the vast number of Christian books and marriage counseling resources dedicated to the subjects of developing love relationships and improving communication in marriage. It looks at the frustration inherent in most people's dating journey.Simpson, a psychologist, helps readers date like a man instead of a guy (and the women say "amen").

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