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Update: Apple has released a new version of i OS 9.3 (build 13E237) to address the activation issues. Some people with older versions of i Pad and i Phone, have experienced problems updating to i OS 9.3.The problems stem from the password authorization required to complete activation.When your creditors send their monthly updates to the credit bureaus, they'll include your new information and your credit report will be updated.

The default security level may restrict the ability to run applications that may present a risk to your computer.Now, you might be asking yourself if you also need to reach out to the credit bureaus. You don't need to contact the credit bureaus to update the personal information on your credit report.Instead, get in touch with your creditors and ask them to update your records with your new address, name or employer."In some cases, if customers do not recall their password, their device will remain in an inactivated state until they can recover or reset their password.For these older devices, we have temporarily pulled back the update and will release an updated version of i OS 9.3 in the next few days that does not require this step." If you've already gotten into a problem state, for example by accidentally entering an incorrect password or if you weren't able to enter a password, Apple has posted a support document with a potential work around.

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