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Known for being incredibly active in social justice and keenly politically aware about world cultures, Tech is intimidating because of his militant stance against the powers that be.His albums feature images of assassinated politicians and share stories of rape, thug life, redemption, and activism in a lethal mix of messages.Eminem is best, most offensive, and most attacked rapper for his swearing and assaulting lyrics (: Lil Wayne wasnt really attacked cuz people got used to everything after Eminem's assaults. Rappers are often criticized for their lyrics, unfulfilled potential, and an unlimited assortment of other subjective opinions by journalists.His first album helped pave the way for his intimidating presence, as it featured a series of mug shots, a court order, and an angry expression on his face.After recording features by Eminem and Proof for his debut album, Trick Trick appeared to be an unknown artist until research showed that he’s sold 2 million albums independently.So speaking to your friends about a girl who broke your heart, using the metaphor of killing her the way she broke her heart, it may be bad poetry, but it sure doesn’t seem to be criminal terroristic Threatening.But the longer version of the story on the Garden Island explains the backstory.

This is in spite of the fact that he specifically said he felt power when people turned away as he walked with his hammer down the streets.

The results were part Ennio Morricone and part classic norteño, resulting in one of the wildest, most consistently interesting soundtracks of 2011.

Peppered throughout with dialogue from the film, Zimmer and Los Lobos successfully spin spaghetti Western clichés, swashbuckling orchestral cues, and Mexican folk music into a real gem.

Rap songs like X Is Coming For You by DMX, Intro (It's Dark and Hell Is Hot) by DMX, Go To Sleep by Eminem, etc...

Director Gore Verbinski's animated comedy western Rango, which stars a gun-slinging lizard voiced by Johnny Depp, featured a pairing of two musical icons from disparate backgrounds, ubiquitous/celebrated film composer Hans Zimmer and veteran Latin roots rock collective Los Lobos.

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