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Pope Francis told bishops attending the recent Synod of Bishops on the family to speak their minds freely and boldly during the two-week-long assembly. (There were also some who held back, hedging their bets, perhaps as they wait in joyful hope for the coming of the next pontificate.) This freedom of theological speech has been, until now, a faded memory in ecclesiastical Rome, and it opened quite a lively debate on issues that had long been closed off to candid discussion throughout the church. It's hard to calculate if they constitute a majority among those with miters, but the fact that the two recent predecessors of Papa Francesco appointed most of them to their current positions suggests that their number is not negligible. No one should be scandalized or alarmed if a bishop of a local church takes issue -- or even disagrees -- with something the bishop of Rome says or does. For sure, they and like-minded bishops in all parts of the Catholic world have their allies. A lot of bishops do not seem too pleased about this. Those that head dioceses, like Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia or Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki of Poznan, Poland, could make it very difficult for people in their territories to have real discussion on the uncomfortable topics.It is only because of an imbalanced ultramontanism that so many Catholics believe every bishop should model himself after and become the spokesman of the pope.As a matter of fact, the history of modernist rationalism is littered with vivid examples of why it is unsafe and spiritually destructive to subject Scripture to naturalistic presuppositions.

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In reponse to the question about the 10 Most Essential Christian Books, I received some fabulous and interesting suggestions. I’ll share my list of essential book soon but for now, enjoy this list of the Christian Books that should NOT be Published from various commenters from this blog. And dare I ask: Update: I’m adding the American Patriot’s Bible to this list.

Today's generation of bishops are not comfortable hearing a pope says such things.

That's also true of those who work for him at the Vatican. A local ordinary may have the right and sometimes the duty to oppose the bishop of Rome to his face, as Paul did to Peter at Antioch, but bishops and cardinals who are directly in his service do not.

I am, and always will be, a devoted science fiction and fantasy fan.

I expect to be an old and confused lady living in a protective Alzheimer's Unit muttering about CJ Mahaney and demanding that they play reruns of The protagonist of the book is a young man, Abramm, who was born to be a king in his world.

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