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In the video, which has not yet been independently verified, a man can be seen walking through the terminal building armed with an AK-47 as people flee in all directions.As he rounds a corner, a police officer opens fire, causing the attacker to fall and drop his automatic weapon.

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On Saturday, Istanbul was rocked by dual explosions near a soccer stadium, and at least 20 people are wounded, Al Jazeera reports.We lived in Istanbul for 3 years and I’d happily live there again.If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.Turkey has experienced a number of terror attacks in recent years. People ducked under the tables, women began crying.In June, 47 people were killed in an attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport. Subsequently, in August, 57 people — including 34 children — were killed by an ISIS suicide bomber at a Kurdish wedding in the southeastern city of Gaziantep. Soccer fans drinking tea at the cafe sought shelter, it was horrible.

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