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The names of Skype and Sky are too similar for the public to tell the difference between them, a European court has ruled.

The ruling means that Microsoft won’t be able to get a trademark on its chat app, Skype.

In Fresno, California, high school student Laura Barns is relentlessly bullied after a video of her passing out and defecating herself at a party is uploaded to You Tube without her consent, causing her to fatally shoot herself in public, with a video of her suicide appearing on Live Leak.

A year later, her former best friend Blaire Lily is in a Skype chat with her boyfriend Mitch Roussel and their classmates Jess Felton, Ken Smith, and Adam Sewell.

Here's a prank perpetrated on the Skype system (an internet-based phone and chat service) that proves you never know who you're talking to online: A profile is put up with a girl's name and picture, and put in "Skype me" mode.

Within minutes some seedy guy will invariably try calling/chatting, and there's a little program I made running the whole time which will partner up people 2 at a time, and send messages from the first person to the second, & vice versa. i visit you all days from Spain, good job : DReminds me of the old conference call gag, where you call two people on a single telephone then link them together as if each called the other.

And if he’s any good as a hacker, he can do almost all of what I just described without you noticing. That’s why people like me harp so hard on staying safe in the first place.

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I don't really see how someone who would want to talk to a girl online is any 'seedier' or more of a time-waster than someone who would design and run a program to play a cruel joke on such a person. Being an enlightened bodhisattva, I shall hand you down a lesson from on high! " Hey guy who programmed this crap, I have a present for you. If I’m sure that a hacker is controlling my computer and I was online in my Skype account, in a video call to a friend.Could hackers then see and save a video message during the recording?"The case was not a legal challenge to Skype's use of the mark, it was only against the registration," a Microsoft spokesperson told the BBC."We're confident that no confusion exists between these brands and services and will appeal.

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