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See Series TOC Since its inception, PL/SQL has been the language of choice for programming in Oracle Database.Over a period of time, we have seen the language evolve into a comprehensive development platform by virtue of more and more functionality that requires less coding.A better approach may be to batch these inserts and insert them in bulk to the bookings_hist table as well.

SQL Server never knows what the actual query cost is until it runs the query, so it's always possible that SQL Server will choose a more expensive plan. SQL Server chooses plans based on expected cost, so will therefore choose Plan 1 even though the actual cost is higher.

If the query in which you specify this clause is not a top-level is subject to the same naming conventions and restrictions as database schema objects.

Refer to "Database Object Naming Rules" for information on database object names.

Specify the object name followed by a period and the asterisk to select all columns from the specified table, view, or materialized view.

When looking at Query Analyzer's graphical showplan output, I see many cases in which the estimated row count differs significantly from the actual row count at a query level and for individual steps within the query. I can't address all the nuances of this particular issue here, but I'll get you started with some basics that will help you understand what's going on and troubleshoot your problem. SQL Server uses a cost-based optimizer that evaluates the expected query cost, then chooses the plan that has the lowest expected cost.

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