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Almost immediately upon his arrival in Tucson, Douglass re-established his astronomical research programs using an 8-inch refracting telescope on loan from the Harvard College Observatory and actively began to pursue funding to construct a large research-class telescope in Tucson.Over the next 10 years Douglass was unable to secure funding from the University and the Arizona Territorial (and later State) Legislatures. Ayotte On this page is some basic information about collecting tree cores. Areas where annual rings may be distorted, such as near branches on uphill or downhill sides of the trunk, should be avoided.Here you can also find a number of useful tips and solutions to problems: list of supplies you should have is found at: The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research is a great place to start learning about the field of dendrochronology: Site selection depends on the question you are investigating. Once you have collected your cores, remove the taped ends to allow the cores to dry overnight or until needed.Craters on the Moon and Mars are named in his honor.After a 5-year hiatus from astronomy, Douglass left Flagstaff, Arizona in 1906 and accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Physics and Geography at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.

The sizes of each ring depend on many factors, including location, temperature, soil condition, wind, snow accumulation, sunlight, land gradient, and tree physiology.Asking for help from a local dendrochronologist, forester, or school teacher who has some experience teaching these techniques is a good way to get started.Tree-ring dating, or dendrochronology, is the study of the chronological sequence of annual growth rings in trees.The book focuses on coniferous evergreens of the Southwest, particularly pi–ons, because they have wide geographic distribution, constitute a large population, and show excellent growth response to certain controlling factors.The book is specifically concerned with the task of establishing a calendar date for a wood or charcoal specimen.

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