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Having an sql update stored procedure for this type of activity is wholly rational and appropriate.To run the stored procedure you need to supply a values to the applicable variables.Example: Where company name = 'Best Buy' and Company Location = 'MPLS'.

Let's take a look at the following stored procedure code fragment. Text, str Error) 'Check for errors If lng RC = 0 Then 'Display a message that the update was applied Call Set Msg("Record Updated") 'No error, get a new listing of state names Call Get States Else Public Function Update State(By Ref obj Conn As ADODB.Since we are not going to be changing the company name, we make the name the primary Key.However, I want to update all other fields using one or multiple attributes.Once you select all the stored procedures you want to generate click Generate and Save config.All the procedures that have "Generate method" property set to true will be generated as a static methods and can be found in the Stored Procedures class in your class library.

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